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Zombie Escape Mod

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Zombie Escape Mod









1. Description:
- This is a gameplay called "Zombie Escape", play in a big map. When round start, the system will countdown for 20 seconds, while counting... human can select weapons (Thank Cheap_Suit for his Weapon Select Menu), after 20 sec human have to run and zombie will be freeze for 7 second(s), after 7 second(s) the zombie will be released and start to catch and infect the human... Human have to run to the goal and still alive.
- Zombies had high health, but humans's Weapons also had high knockback power.
- Because the map light is dark (d) so Zombies had NightVision (New & No Lag)
- If human reached to the goal of all the zombies died -> Escape Success, if all the humans died / Timed Out -> Escape Fail
- While Playing, player could buying Extra Item and have
- And the Statatics: So everyone will know who is fastest and stay alive for a long time

2. Videos & ScreenShots:
- Videos (Test With Real Player) ( Version: 1.8 )

- Picture (Test With Bot) ( Version: 2.0 )



3. Configs:
- Every config is now Un-Hardcode. Check the zombie-escape.ini in configs folder
- so What can you config in zombie-escape.ini ?




- GamePlay: Min Player to Play / Map Light / Zombie, Human FreezeTime- Weather: Fog / Sky- Zombie and Human: Health / Speed / Gravity / Armor- Model: Player Model for Human / Host Zombie / Origin Zombie / Zombie Claw- Sound: Attack / Hit / Miss / Ambience / Ready, Run Sound / Zombie Infect Sound / Pain Sound / Countdown Sound,...


* ModelIndex





- About ModelIndex:+ If you want your models to have accurate hitboxes, try enabling this.+ Note: make sure your models don't have messed up hitboxes, otherwise+ this setting might cause your server insane cpu usage and lag- How to Enable it:1. Open Sma Find this line: (Near Lines 22)PHP Code:


//#define SET_MODELINDEX_OFFSET  Change to


PHP Code:




  2. Compile Plugin and Restart Server

4. Recommended Maps:





* (Don't forget to change the map prefix to "ze_" otherwise the mod won't work)

5. Install & Required:
* [VIDEO] How to Install: Orpheu * Zombie Escape Mod:

- Required: Orpheu Modules (Block Round End & Terminate Round)
- I have packed all necessary files, so download and extract smile.gif
- Then compile the plugin and put it to plugins folder, then go the configs/plugins.ini and add the name of plugin to it...
- This mod only work with map had prefix "ze_" otherwise the mod will auto disable (so you can play this mod with other mod). You can edit the allowed map in sma. Find




new allow_map_prefix[1][] = {	"ze_"}  

6. Plugins API / Natives



forward ze_user_infected(id, infector) // Call when zombie get infect (if First Zombie, infector return 0)forward ze_user_humanized(id) // Call when human spawnforward ze_gamestart(starttype) // Call when gamestart (0 = New Round / 1 = Zombie Appear (Freezing) / 2 = Zombie Release)forward ze_roundend(winteam) // Call when round end (1 = Team Zombie / 2 = Team Human)native ze_is_user_zombie(id) // Check if user is zombienative ze_get_zombie_type(id) // Get zombie type (Host (0) = Normal Zombie / Origin (1) = Boss of First Zombie)native ze_set_user_zombie(id, zombietype) // Set user into zombie (zombie_type just like ze_get_zombie_type native)native ze_set_user_human(id) // Set user into human)native ze_set_stopgame(stop_type, onoff) // On/Off Part in game to make custom game play (stop_type is the part of game to stop: 1 = Stop in New round, 2 = Stop in Zombie Appear, 3 = Stop in Zombie Release)native ze_reset_gameplay(restart) // Reset Gameplay (Solve the ze_set_stopgame)


See more in

7. Credits:



- Dias | Plugin Made
- CSO | Models & Sounds
- Cheap_Suit (For his Weapon Menu i took from his Biohazard)
- Mercylezz (for some read file code, and stock i took from his Zombie Plague)
- KungFuLon (for some code i took from his Zombie: The Hero)
- WiLs (for Set Team Method)
- Nihilanth (for Set Speed Method)
- aaarnas (for his awesome suggest)

8. Logs:




* v1.0 - First Release* v1.1 - Fix some bug, change countdown message* v1.2- Add Zombie Knockback config section, add fog, fix bug* v1.3- Add Score System, fix zombie gravity* v1.4- Fix Wrong Count Bug- Add new method deathmsg when infect- Un-Hardcode- Make Config File (configs/zombie_escape.ini)- Add Lang file (data/lang/zombie_escape.txt)- Add more config var- Add Set ModelIndex for player- Add Var (check server for every 60 seconds, to make sure the round end if does not have any zombie of human)- Fix Some Bug* v1.5- Fixed Overflow- Fixed Join Team Bug- Fixed Small Array Bug- Fixed Function "set_default_zombie"- Fixed Error "Invalid array handle provided"- Fix SomeCode in CurWeapon- Fixed NVG Bug (Prevent Server from Crash in New Round if Players are over 20)- Added ModelIndex Ena/Disa Var- Added Map Prefix Allow Section* v1.6- Update New Set Model Method (lower overflow kick, crash)(I hoped this work) (Thank to MeRcYLeZZ)- Update New Set Team Method (Slow but good) (Thank to WiLs)- Update New Set Speed Method (Thank to Nihilanth)* v1.7- Fix Small Problem About ModelIndex (this might caused crash)* v1.8- Fix Map Check Bug- Fix Modelindex Mistake* v1.9- Optimized Code- Fix Grenade Infect bug* v2.0- Fix Some Bug- Added Player/Run Statistics- Added API for External Plugins- Added Native Stop Game (for Custom GamePlay)- Added Extra Items- Fix Death Atrib- Optimized Code- Update Lang/Include File- Update Check Map Method* v2.1- Fix "gordon" model- Add Player Config in Menu (so player can turn on/off the background, ready,.. music- Added Round Time Var in config file- Remove Extra Item- Optimized Code



Traducere in Romana




[ro]NOT_ENOUGH_PLAYER = Nu sunt destui jucatori pentru a incepe. Necesari: !t%i!nGOOD_LUCK = !tEsti gata de fugit? :)). Mult noroc !!!!nRUN_READY_COUNTDOWN = Gata de fuga. Fugi peste %i secund(e) !!!ZOMBIE_RELEASE_COUNTDOWN = Zombii vor fi liberi peste: %i secund(e) !!!HUD_SCORE = Zombii VS Oameni^n %i --------- %iGAME_MENU_NAME = Meniu ModEQUIPMENT_NAME = EchipamentGAMEINFO_NAME = Informatii ModWPNMENU_NAME = Meniu ArmeEQUIP_ENABLE = Ai activat meniul de Arme.HOW_ENA_EQUIPMENU = Apasa !tM!n si !t1!n pentru a activa meniul de Echipament !!!WPN_PRIMARY = Meniul PrimarWPN_SECONDARY = Meniul SecundarMENU_NEW_WEAPON = Arme noiMENU_PRE_WEAPON = Armele anterioareMENU_PRE_DONTSHOW = Armele anterioare & Nu mai arataMENU_NEXT = InainteMENU_BACK = InapoiMENU_EXIT = IesireESCAPE_SUCCESS = Excelent, oamenii au scapat !ESCAPE_FAIL = Oamenii au fost mancati, zombii au pus stapanire pe lume !ESCAPE_DRAW = Nimeni nu a castigat, egalitate !GAME_INFORMATION = Nume: Zombie Escape<br>Autor: Dias<br>Credite:<br>+ Dias (Plugin Creator)<br>+ Cheap_Suit (Pentru meniul lui de arme din Biohazard)<br>+ Mercylezz (pentru cateva linii de cod din Zombie Plague)<br>+ KungFuLon (pentru cateva linii de cod din ZB3 mod)

- Please read all the post before use it of ask
- Please always check for new vesion at this topic
- Redownload all resource file to make sure you have enough file to play



Download ze_resource Click Me.


Download ze_campescape Click Me.


Download ze_plugins Click Me.


Download zombie_escape.SMA Click Me.


Download zombie_escape.AMXXX Click Me.


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